About Us

Redefining Information Technology in a changing world


Office Elements was established in January 2007. We have established our business in our endeavour to ensure that our fellow South Africans are able to acquire all office & IT products at affordable and cost effective prices. We are proud to state that we are a 100% Black Empowered Company that want to be able to provide the best possible service and solution to businesses that have a similar vision.

We are currently based in Durban and have recently established branches in Gauteng and Cape Town in the near future. We thrive on the fact that we operate a professional business that offers quality products and services.

We deliver the best possible business products to our clients using the most cost effective and up to date technology.

We provide a diverse range of products for all office environments.

We have a diverse customer base and are currently offering more of our services to small businesses in helping them to grow along with us.

Our product categories have been designed and setup to ensure that businesses and schools are able to acquire products from one central place rather than wasting time of searching around and not getting the preferred products as expected.

In addition to providing our customers with the entire range of business categories of products and services that are marketed and supplied nationally, we can ensure whole heartedly that we are committed to excellent customer service and support which makes us a Preferred Supplier with already with a number of reputable businesses.

We focus our efforts in these areas:

Open Source

We have committed ourselves in using only open source software in our business and product offerings. We have seen how much commercial software costs these days and which is limiting small businesses from growing due high licensing costs. We are endevouring to supply and support small businesses in growing their business with stable and cost effective software. It has become our passion to implement tailor-made Linux solutions to small businesses so that they can focus on growing their business whilst we focus on the technology.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are feeling challenged these days in a technological changing world. Costs to maintain and purchase software and hardware is affecting their bottom line hence our support for them in that we offer cost effective solutions that will reduce those technology costs drastically. Our prices will not put pressure on these businesses as we offer different options to cater for each type of business no matter if you are one person or a growing small business. We have already a database of successful implementations at small businesses.


The security industry has grown considerably over the past few years due to high crimes rates in South Africa. We have focused on efforts on growing our security division with the latest technology. We are offering IP (Internet Protocol) camera solutions that is in line with current industry standards. We are able to give you a full solution from planning to implementation anywhere in the country. We have done implementations in each province and have about 25 staff currently that is based on customer premises monitoring all cameras.

Web Development

Our team is dedicated in putting your presence on the World Wide Web. We have grown our web design portfolio over the past 2 years and we are extremely pleased to offer web sites at ridiculously low prices. Our focus is to bring web development to the forefront of our business and other businesses as well. Changing technology now is going towards web access which can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Our portfolio lists businesses like Attorneys, Quantity Surveyors, Transport, and other type of businesses.

Cloud Services

There has been a big hype in cloud services over the past 2 years and we in the IT Industry did not want to miss out on the piece of this pie. We have already seen businesses of all sizes inquiring about how this can help them and we have taken the giant leap of investing a lot of resources in cloud services.  We have currently got cloud servers at a data center in Cape Town and have options in Johannesburg and in Durban. Our Cloud service offerings can be tailored according to each business requirement.