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IP Camera Security Solutions


Crime is on the increase and we have the solution for your business requirements. IP Camera Solutions with Control Room Monitoring.

Market Research has shown year on year that crime statistics have changed and crime is on the increase. There is demand from more businesses today for camera solutions so that their premises and employees are protected.

The demand for mega-pixel cameras have shown the requirements for good, quality camera images is now out weighing analogue technology which is be eventually phased out.  


Remote Accessibility

All video streams on our cameras and devices can be accessed by users, allowing them to view superior quality images in different resolutions anywhere, anytime via the Internet or through a 3GPP network. The transmitted video can be stored and retrieved at either locally or remotely for security management and loss prevention. An open IP architecture allows users to significantly enhance surveillance capabilities with flexibility efficiency, and convenience. C


Real-time Video Transmission

IP surveillance solutions allow users to display high quality video in real time and assign alerts via motion detection, event triggers, and tampering detection. This real time information allows security management to be more efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective when a threat is present. Thanks to the real-time transmission, IP surveillance is moving beyond security to find new, diverse applications in digital home, retail stores, government, transportation, banking, school, warehouse, manufacturing, and much more.


High-quality, high-resolution Images

Image quality is considered at the most critical feature of a surveillance camera. Our state-of-the-art network cameras are an ideal solution due to their megapixel resolution and progressive scan technology. A progressive scan CCD sensor scans all lines of a scene simultaneously so as to present high resolution snapshots in all circumstances.


We have vast experience in the installation of IP Cameras also taking into consideration the integration of these cameras into your existing network infrastructure. We have done many successful installations nationally and the demand is increasing on a monthly basis. 

We are also very much involved in control room solutions and already have 25 staff nationally that are based in customer control rooms monitoring and reporting on their premises.

Over the past few years’ great progress has been made in combating crime with the aid of CCTV cameras linked to sophisticated control rooms in applications like City Surveillance, Casinos, Airports and Traffic control centres.

Unfortunately, the same progress has not been evident in many market sectors that make up the very core of the economic engine of South Africa. CCTV systems deployed in Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics, Commerce and our biggest non moveable asset base, Property, are totally under-utilised.