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Small Business Server


The Only Drop-in Replacement for Microsoft® Exchange. Native compatibility with Microsoft Outlook®. No plug-ins needed!

Zentyal for SMBs is a hybrid solution, that helps SMBs to take their IT infrastructure easily from on-premises to the cloud according to their needs.

Zentyal for SMBs offers the advantages of the cloud-services, while keeping local servers synchronized with the cloud. This way the SMB stays in control over their IT infrastructure and the availability and privacy of their data is guaranteed at all times. Zentyal offers the only IT solution in the market that fully synchronizes local and cloud IT infrastructure.

Easy Users & Groups Management

Thanks to the easy-to-use web interface, SMBs can easily manage their users, groups and permissions either from the server management interface or the cloud interface. Whether they create, delete or update a user accounts, the changes will automatically take place across the whole IT infrastructure.