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Use Liferay Portal to engage with customers, partners, and employees. With Liferay's unique approach to building web portals, you can build a relationship with customers across the lifecycle.

From early stage awareness and interest through purchase and customer on boarding, Liferay's portal foundation makes it easy to get a fuller view of your customer relationships and tailor their experience from start to finish.

Liferay is unique among social-enablement platforms because it goes beyond the surface: the value of social communities is in how they integrate with enterprise systems to drive forward business processes and deliver on goals. To justify the investment in social software, enterprise integration is essential.

We are generating more content than ever, working with it from our devices as well as our desktops, and delivering it to the right channels to empower sales reps, reach new markets, and solve customer issues. Which is why it is more important than ever to have full control of your content creation process.

When you put content in context, you empower people to make critical decisions when they're immersed in the business moment. Reduced decision friction means more purchases, faster business evolution, and more time to focus on what's truly important.


 Enterprise Ready

Liferay is designed for scalability, reliability, and high performance-- both on-premises and in the cloud.


Lightweight and Agile

With Liferay, projects are completed faster and with smaller budgets so you can see immediate results.



A Complete Platform

With content, collaboration and portal features, your solutions require minimal customization.



Built with Open Source

Our open source community fosters innovation, increase security, and improves quality of the software.




Compatible with your IT

Liferay lets you reuse the enterprise software and skills you already have in-house.


Powerful Integration

Liferay is designed for integrating with both enterprise systems and web-based resources.